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Default Control Surface vs. Digi 002 vs. Control 24?

Hey guys,
Ok so here is the deal. I just got a second job to help fund my need for a studio as well as moving out on my own. Now that money is going to be flowing a little bit better around here I am starting to consider saving up for some better gear. Ok so one of the first things that I would like to get would be a control surface of some kind. I am really tired of mixing with a mouse. So anyway I have several options. I can:

1. Get a motor mix that would give me 8 faders to play with. About $800-900. I can easily swing this right now if I want.

2. Save for a few weeks and get a Digi 002. This would give me 8 faders, better pre-amps, and better converters. Around 2 grand. I can almost get this now, but deffinately in a couple weeks I could.

3. Save up for the Mother of all controllers, the Control 24. 24 Faders to play with, any function I could ever want is adjustable from the board. 16 decent preamps that I could use. This mother runs about $5,500. This would take me several months to save up for, but it would be well worth it right?

Ok so really right now, I am trying to decide between the 002 now, and the Control 24 down the road. Here's the argument in my head. Alright with the digi 002, I get better everything compared to my current 001. I get better pre-amps, better converters, a small controller. Just a good step up from the 001. With the Control 24, I get a Incredible controller. I have used the control 24 on project that I did while in school and I absolutely loved it. With it I get plenty of faders, pretty good pre-amps. A awesome contol section for monitoring. And a huge boost in the "profesionalism" department.

Right now I am not to worried about getting this amazing controller for a inferior 001. As I see it, most of the stuff that I do will be going ADAT into pro-tools threw my higher grade converters and preamps. The last 8 tracks I will have to deal with. However I am trying to think ahead. To me it just wouldn't make sence for Digidesign to make the control 24 compatible with the 001, without plans of someday making a better unit that would also be able to use the control 24. Sure they have the Digi 002, but what happens when they finally decide that the 001 is just to inferior to all the rest of the products on the market. Do they just abandon it and go completely with the 002? I am betting that they just redesign the 001 with higher grade pre-amps and converters that would still sell under the 002. This unit would be compatible with the Control 24 since the 001 was compatible. Then I would have a high quality interface to go with my high quality controler.

What do you guys think? Am I completely crazy for trying to go for a control 24? Do you think that there will be a better interface someday to work with the control 24 other than the 002?
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