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Default Re: Pro Tools First no free (23) plugins showing up

Originally Posted by caz View Post
man o' man my brain is hurting.. I had no idea to look there.. nothing points in that direction.. I'm downloading it now.. I'll assume here that it's going to show up now.. But to make certain I understand.. going bigger with the plugins question.. I have bunches of aax plugins that I brought over from my other mac when I using older versions of pro tools.. all sorts of everything imaginable, Maschine, vacuum, hybrid, boom, db33 etc etc.. Even though these are all aax do I understand correctly that I cannot use any of them with PT 1st? (adding to post: thank you.. UVI workstation is alive and well now) . And so sorry.. but i now have another important question.. I always use external drives for my PT sessions.. Am i understanding this correctly.. I only have a limited amount of projects i can have with PT First and they are all stored off of my computer? I don't have "save as" option here, and i don't see any place to set the external drive as the source..
No worries.

PT First is cloud based. You can save offline but only as cache file. You can check more info at
and at
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