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Default Re: Windows XP + DiGi003 Driver Question

Thanks albee1952!!

First off, you posted this in the Mac section, so most won't be much help. Having said that. the driver is available(via the Learn & Support link at the top of this and every DUC page). You probably want driver version***(download to a USB stick and drop on the desktop of the XP machine)

Sorry about that - Iím so used to being in the Mac section I didnít think about it.

***BUT*** before installing that, does your friend have the LE7.4 installer disk(or download) and authorization code? With LE 8 and older, the driver gets installed along with the LE software. Here's what I would try:

Actually, he doesnít have the original installer disk - that was lost a log while back. He has a license on an older iLok. I can download a 7.4 installer and make a CD but that might open open up another can of worms as far as the license is concerned. Heís in Indiana and Iím in Arkansas - he knows VERY little about computers.

That being said, this setup was his dadís - singer/songwriter (Whiskey Ainít Working, etc.) who passed away a few years ago. SO, if there was ever a Pro Tools account no one has a clue to the login credentials. A big mess.

Thanks again for your help.

- George Scaife
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