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Default Re: HD Native cant Update Firmware after installing PT9.0.5 Update

Originally Posted by Aditu View Post
KZK RECORDS if I'm reading this correctly, (please correct me if I'm wrong) you are trying to instal SL 10.6.3 onto your Laptop / External HDD AND your MacPro Tower?

If so, then DON'T! hehe, the whole idea is that you can't Downgrade your MacPro's OS. but you CAN start up your MacPro using a DIFFERENT OS (SL 10.6.7 or lower) than then one that is installed.

This can be achieved with an external drive (be it your laptop or external HDD) which is what the fix involves.

If you successfully installed SL OS onto your laptop and external HDD, then you don't need your SL installer anymore, just Plug in your Laptop or HDD to your MacPro.

Turn your MacPro on and as soon as the "Bwang" (or whatever you want to call it) sound goes off, hit the "Alt / Option" Key until you get the Bootable devices. Sometimes it takes a while to recognize em. and choose the OS that corresponds to your Laptop or HDD.

again ... booting up takes a while since USB and Firewire are slow ports for this kind of operations.

Again i'll be around if you ned any more help.

What it looks like KZK is trying to do is to install SL on an external drive hooked to his laptop so he can then use that to boot the desktop; I don't think he's trying to install SL on the desktop as such. What he should do is as you and I have said and to update his laptop to SL on the internal hard drive and not an external and then use that upgraded laptop (with no external hard drive connected) to boot the desktop in Target mode. For some reason he appears to be reticent on bringing his laptop up to SL.

He wants/needs to do this so he can update the firmware on his HD Native card.
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