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Default Fasttrack Pro inputs

I have been using a Fasttrack Pro for some time with Garageband on a mid 2010 Macbook Pro, just using it for single input multitrack recording. I now play with two other people and would like to do simultaneous multitrack recording requiring 5 tracks. I was hoping to run the output of my mixing desk in some way towards acheiving this. My Macbook does have two USB ports, and I do have a second device "IMic" which does work to have a second pair of inputs to the computer. I was wondering if I could use the insert jacks on the back of the Fasttrack to have an extra pair of inputs ? All the references I can find seem to refer to using these inputs with an outboard device such as a compressor. I am almost sure they are inputs, but if I connect my mixer output to them, it seems to disable the main inputs on the front panel. My mixer also has SPDIF , but I dont understand how to use that. Perhaps I am just being stupid, but I thought the Fastrack Pro was a 4in 4 out device?
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