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Default Re: Why is only 44.1 KHZ available?

Which, I do not understand why not, because every interface I have used in the past has no issues running both windows sounds and ASIO (even at the same time)
By the way it works but I have to change the sample rate from 48 KHZ to 44.1KHZ (within the PT IO control Panel) each time windows starts.

I am very experienced with interfaces and especially on windows. I have used Windows since the beginning. Darryl Ramm maybe that was the case a long time ago, but most people use their interface for all the sounds coming from their PC. Whether WDM or Asio drivers.

This is a software issue from the PT IO control Panel. It should stay at whatever we desire. Once I change the sample rate to 44.1 then, no issues.
But it is at every bootup I have to change it. Not a big bug, but it is annoying and I think it could be easily fixed. Just add a start at which sample rate button within the PT IO control Panel.
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