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Default Re: PT 12.7.1 or PT 10HD

Just my own observations so there's that. I'm on a Mac 3,1 - 8 core.

I've been on PT 9HD forever, sold the Auroras and cards and have just been using it Native style with an Apollo Silver for great. It crashes way less than it did with the cards. I've wanted to upgrade to 10HD but just didn't want to have to pay the $999 which gives you 10HD-12HD. I've ended up monthly subscribing to plain old non HD 12.7.1 for a few months just to check it out & go back & forth with that & PT9HD. I like it a lot.

Short version, 12.7.1 non HD works great, I'll probably bite the bullet and get up to 10-12HD. If it's not in your mind that you have to have the security of HD3/Cards to track bands I'd just upgrade the computer & PT and forget the 3 cards...unless it's all attached for a killer deal.

Good luck.
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