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Default Re: 9173 error still/trash can, 35%cpu or less?

I'm experiencing the 9173 some minutes after opening and running a session. But it happens only one time. I'm doing an intensive test for discovering which plugin would cause this, if any. After many test I discovered that Kontakt in the plugin folder (even if not running) is the most responsible. But I have to investigate further. Btw the 9173 doesn't show up with only avid plugins in the plugin folder. I ran many sessions for many minutes going back and forth between one session to another, by closing pt, restarting the mac, reloading the missing plugins (after removing third party plugins from the folder) with avid plugins for loading the cpu and the hdx chips and never seen the 9173
Avid HDX - PTHD 11.3.2 on OSX 10.10.5 - PT Ultimate 2019.6 on OSX 10.13.6 (II partition) - Cubase Pro 10 - Avid HD I/O 16x16 analog
Mac Pro 5.1 quadcore 2.8 16GB Ram
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