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Default Mbox 3 pro and windows 10 pc

After an old pc dying on me I am building a new pc and belatedly moving to windows 10.

So I have the Mbox pro 3 with firewire attachment. And looking around here i can see it now has a lot of issues.

But I like the mbox and found it very solid and reliable on windows 7 but I gather its a bit of a legacy device now- firewire certainly is. but I see people still have them and a lot of driver issues etc being reported. whats the opinion in here is it still a viable piece of kit?
do i need to get a firewire port card for my pc- any recommendations or do firewire to usb3 adapters work?
I'm thinking i will play around sticking to the mbox for a bit longer if I can ...or is the advice to move on and get a new interface now.

my last protools version was 11 which did everything i needed. do you think I will be needing to update here as well?

any opinions welcome,


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