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Originally Posted by trebot000 View Post
Thanks for the responses. I do have my Glyph drive connected through USB.

So I asked, or mentioned in an earlier post that I thought I should put my sample libraires on the external Glyph drive. I figured escepially with Kontakt 5 because I have a ton of library content there.
We've already been over this so I am not sure why are you asking again. Do NOT out your sample files on the Audio/Session drive. Your first test should be to put your audio/session files on this external Glyph drive, no other files at all, and see what happens. And as we've all been trying to tell you as well--with a machine that does a lot of sample VI work you often need three hard drives. One for the OS, one for Audio/session and one for VI samples. Typically the *worst* thing you can do is to put samples on the audio/session drive. What speed is the internal drive, especially if it's not 7,200 rpm and you are putting the samples there you may need another Glyph drive...(My old MacBook Pro17" Core2 Duo is getting a Samsung 830 512 GB SSD to replace its internal 7200 rpm drive largely so I can run EZ Drummer samples from the system drive reliably, my audio drive is an external 7200 RPM Firewire 800 G-Tech drive, I got bored carrying two of these drives around. It's a completely pathetic computer for VI work but let's me put down a drum track to play over).

When you say to put sample libraries on a seperate drive, you are refering to things Kontakt 5 sample libraries or Maschine sample libraries correct? Is it safe to put these sample lbraries on a seperate external drive? I figure it should be as long as the computer knows where to find the files when I try and load them. I have had people tell me it is safe to put those libraries on a seperate drive and I have also been told the opposite. From what I gathered it seems as long as I keep the program ,Kontakt,Maschine etc.. on my C drive, the samples can be elswhere. True or false. /snip/
This means all your NI sample libraries (and any other large ones you install from other vendors).

Not only is this safe, but it is may be a requirement here.


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