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Default Cheap talkback IO ?


I have a PT TDM3 system running PT7 on Powermac G5 Tiger 10.4.6. 3 x 96 IOs
2x Digi PRE8s and TLA audio TUbetracker. So 24 mic pres and inputs.
I have a talk back system consisting go 3 room mics and a control room mic all fed into a cheap 4 channel mixer and then fed into 2 channels of a 96 IO.Works fine but uses up 2 IO channels.
Would like to have these two channels back for recording inputs so looking for the cheapest way to get either a couple of extra inputs of IO or even better something like a Digi 002 with 4 mic pres to handle the talkback/listen back.
I don't think the 002 will work if there are PCI cards in the host computer so looking for ideas.

many thanks
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