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Default Pro Tools First Crashes at the time of opening in Windows 10

I have been thinking of buying the ProTools HD for quite some time now. I recently bought a new powerful laptop (a Dell XPS 15 9560 with 16GB RAM, decent GPU, and SSD Storage) just so that I can get into audio editing/mixing and start using resource-intensive programs such as Pro Tools on the laptop. I am an absolute beginner, and so, I wanted to try the trial version first, so installed the free 'Pro Tools | First' on my laptop. However, I have not been able to get it working yet. Every time I open Pro Tools | First (v 12.8.2 latest one), it crashes in my Windows 10 laptop with the message: "Pro Tools application has stopped working". Please help me here if anyone has any similar experiences or any suggestions to get this issue rectified. If I see that the Pro Tools First is crashing, I expect the Pro Tools HD to crash too. My OS is Windows 10 Home Edition. Tried raising Support Requests with Avid two times but have not got any replies yet (Request Numbers: 03375232 and 03371438)
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