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Default Strike .big files missing

Okay so I had to re-install everything on a new computer after my old computer crashed.

I've been here for over four hours.

I've switched my computer to a white macbook 2.1GHz Intel processor, 500GB 7200 harddrive, 2GB of Ram running Snow Leopard 10.6.6

I re-installed pro tools plus the updated version as well as my ilok plugins including Strike.

Through hours and hours of troubleshooting I solved a problem on my 002 rack...well 'found' the problem is more appropriate. The 2nd mic input is dead. RIP.

So my problem is that when I load strike only a few of the presets actually load and can be controlled by midi. I can preview all of them though.

I read on another thread that I could be missing some of the data. big files

In my strike folder I only have 3 .big files and apparently I'm supposed to have more? I searched my internal and external drives for any other .big files and can't find them.

Anyone help??

Oh and I installed the strike updater a few days ago too.
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