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Default Re: ilok issues, I hate ilok

Originally Posted by Hugh-H View Post
Hello JeffGT,

I don't know which OS you're talking about but if it's anything this decade (well, almost) it will decompress a zip natively.

MacOS - double click, it will decompress and create a folder of files.

Win XP,7,8,10 - right click, choose decompress (or whatever it says). It will create a folder of files.

I'm slightly concerned that you're getting some kind of message saying you need to pay $25 for some utility that jumps up when you right click. Those exist and are sometimes usable, but why are you getting that message? From whom? That should not happen. Just my rambling questions.

You mention you're old school and are not familiar with this iLok authorization process. Complicated by the fact that you're dealing with an iLok failure/replacement. For your benefit and to bring your chances of success from null to slim, please research the iLok site and look on Youtube for information and videos on how to authorize iLok licenses. iLok is a necessary evil and we all use it, I actually like the flexibility since we have so many workstations, but I can assure you it's not in any way intuitive to authorize a license. And if you mess up and somehow iLok loses or revokes your license, a common enough occurrence, their support historically has been just this side of nonexistent. This coming from someone who likes the iLok concept.

Good luck,


The zero down time made getting my broken ilok replaced a breeze. I had an extra ilok when my first one froze; cashed in my ZDT and was immediately back up running - they shipped a new ilok and I got my permanent licenses installed straight away. Easiest thing Iíve done on my computer.

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