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Default Re: (custom) Region playback Head-start/end settings??

Originally Posted by Ben Jenssen View Post
That does sound like it's not supposed to.
Can't really hear anything at the start, but the end is obvious.

Are you using bounce realtime or offline, or recording to track? Using send?

Oh, and never mind Jack. He has his ways. I've learned to live with that.

One of the good things about the DUC is it's grown to be a forum with a lot of different characters, with personalities, who has learned to tolerate eachothers different idiosyncrasies... Oh forget it.
I couldn't hear the CLICK@the start either untill I took out the CLICK@the end(on vtm).

Tried realtime & offline, no difference.
I am bussing to another track(but that track is empty in terms of plugins). I haven't tried without buss. Honestly I tried so much.....I lost myself in the mist of it all. I'm half dead ATM , will try it first thing tommorow. Also haven't tried recording to track but will do in the morning.

Do you have any of my Tape plugins? And if so, could you be so kind to run the "bd_clean" through them? (All presets are defaults)

Regarding Jack; haha lol! Thanks for the Kudos! Cracked me up! Ppl like that make me tick!)
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