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Default (custom) Region playback Head-start/end settings??

Hi all. First post but been reading this place for some times(years).

Could anyone please tell me if the following is possible??

My problem/standing.
I'm slicing drum-loops.
I've imported a drum loop. Used strip silence. Now I have 9 different regions sliced and I wish to bounce those regions with FX(specifically Slate VTM only).

I've noticed that with Tape-emulation plugins and millisecond audio if simply select an audio region and bounce to disk the resulting audio file has a CLICK @beginning and end. Inorder to not have clicks I have to manually select the region with approx. 3-4milisecond before it's start and its end. (Time for tape to initialize)

My question;
Is there a way/some place in settings to specify the BEGINNING-END of selected audio regions? So when I select a region it automatically gives it a Head-start(150millisecond) before it's true beginning and 150millisecond After it's true end.

Mucho Gracias!!
Ps-is anyone NOT experiencing this "tape" behaviour??

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