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Default Re: Mbox2 pro macOS High Sierra

Originally Posted by cguerrero View Post
I formatted the mac, cause it was important that the format was mac os journaled extended, but as my mac had Mohave the default format was APFS, so with that, it didn't work. When I tried to format it only gave me that option, So I took out the high-sierra USB, erase the hard disc, and began the recovery only with the Internet to get the option that was by default with Lion, which had journaled extended, I got it after 15 min. Again I formatted the hard disk with journaled extended. Then I put back the USB Installer with Sierra, just press alt while turning on and done. With that, I was sure to get Sierra with journaled extended.... the default format. Before I tried with Sierra many times but it didn't work, also I experienced that the audio controller wasn't working properly...I mean the normal controller that comes with the computer. NOW!!! I'm very happy to say that it is working again!!!!!, for a moment I thought I had to buy a new interface, but anyway...We old school know that that interface is amazing, and works without DC just with the firewire. One more thing, when you are installing the driver be sure is this oneMbox_2_Pro_Driver_10_3_3_Installer_78630.dmg

Another thing, when you are installing the system is gonna ask you that (preferences system didn't allow to continue...), so click in the message, and it is going to take you to a message that says...allow Digidesign to blablabla...say yes...
I'm looking at my yellow button now ready to record

Not very clear? ask anything... we can start a mbox2pro manifesto revolution with high sierra...yes we can..yes we can...
sorry I'm very happy

happy recording guys
What Mac and OS are you using with your MBoxPro2? I'm holding on to Sierria running PT 12.8 on a Mac Pro 5,1. I'm worried about going to High Sierra or Mojave with my MBoxPro2. Thanks.
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