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Default Re: Acoustic guitar recording

I came here looking for info. I'm new to Eleven rack. I have a Yamaha "Silent Guitar" steel string version and a Fishman Aura box that lets me get "voicings" of a lot of other great acoustic and microphone combos. You're supposed to be able to play through the headphone jack on the guitar but it is kinda low rent and wont reflect the Aura images. I usually send the output to two acoustic amps--a Fishman Loudbox Mini and an Acoustic A-20. The guitar, the Aura, the Loud box mini and the Acoustic A-20 all have chorus and reverb on them. I'm interested now in night playing some "silent" acoustic sans the amps. I was thinking maybe the Eleven rack could take the output from the Aura and give me some good sound in the headphone without mucking anything up because it only accommodates electric guitars. Frankly I didn't even know that until I read the posts above. I guess I'll have to see for myself. Unfortunately the Aura box has no headphone jack of its own.
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