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Originally Posted by Bob Olhsson View Post
Microsoft claims win 10 will be their final OS with twice-yearly updates moving forward. I and many others have had zero problems with it and lots fewer than we had with win 7. If I were Avid, I'd be pouring most of my resources into win 10. They held off for ten months before supporting it and the support includes the home version with its automatic updates. That's a pretty resounding show of confidence!
+1 to win10 development. But why excluding win7-testing in favor of a win8-support?

I tested Win10 on a second machine right after release last summer, and at the beginning I had many issues. Ilok did not not work, waves plugins did not work, elicencer (Steinberg) had problems, quicktime did not work. So basically for office tasks it was OK, but nothing for my audio post business. And so (even though those problems might have been solved in between) it's hard to trust and to risk a os-change for me atm, since I have zero issues with win7. And I don't know a single windows based studio which turned to win10 in my area.
But it is very good to hear that it is working well for you. May I ask, you have no problems with ilok/waves/quicktime?

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