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Default Dumb question: How do I create Bar/Beat Markers??

Pro Tools 5.3.1 on a G4 867 running OS 9.2.2, HD2 with 192 I/O and 192 Digital I/O.

I have worked with tempo events a lot, but have never had a need to use Bar/Beat Markers. I read the Reference Guide several times on "Dragging Bar/Beat markers", but I'm still not clear.

I need to manually insert the markers at beats, then drag them to match an existing audio region I already have which has varying tempo. This will match my MIDI tracks with the audio region.

I'm not clear on how you establish that the marker is a Bar/Beat Marker, rather than a Tempo Event. The Reference Guide explains how to insert a tempo event. The Reference Guide also explains how to edit a Bar/Beat Marker, but not how to initially establish it. It says:

"You can insert Bar/Beat Markers one at a time by setting an Edit insertion point (instead of making a selection) before using the Identify Beat Command."

How exactly how do I do this?

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