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Default Sound output 001/ various newbie problems

I'll try to cut to the chase.

Running G4 dual 867, 768 RAM, OS 10.2.8
Pro tools 001, version 6

never set up pro tools before.
have checked all the manuals, 2 books, answerbase and these boards
trying to hash this out for past 5 days and haven't gotten anywhere.
new to all the terminology, so i may just not be phrasing my searchs right.

Problems: no sound output, headphones nor powered speakers. meters are running when i press play.
loading the salvation demo: don't understand disk allocation;
can't save demo sounds(?) due to my drive "not being an audio playback volume".
tried to change that in the hardware setup to playback, will not let me.

As far as sound output, i've checked and reconnected everything 2 dozen times.

My computer isn't partitioned. I just got it, still learning about it.
Trying to figure out if I do need to partition my drive in order to create
a "playback" volume. Possibly thats part of my problem, but i'm guessing not all of it.
All the beginners walkthroughs in the manuals don't mention any of this
so I am at a loss as to what to do.

Any help would be excellent.

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