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Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

From a beautiful tradition to an idiosyncratic new library!

While the THUNDER SHEET has been used evocatively in classical music and theatre for eons,
we decided to explore what was possible as source material for contemporary sound design,
first with a hefty Sabian bronze thunder sheet and then veering into DIY territory.
And well... I now appear to own fourteen thunder sheets!

The smallest three are brass and are very zingy, while the largest steel sheet creates epic
reverbant booms, but often with weird sounding harmonics...
Each thunder sheet revealed its sweetspots, with some materials moaning & then screeching
when a friction mallet was used, others warping and inverting with beautiful pitch bends...
Meanwhile the plastic sheet has a weird tonality all of its own!

Captured 24bit 192kHz with a pair of Sennhesier MKH8020, the resulting 15.3GB library
is an extraordinarily rich resource for creating iconic new sounds.

Check out the new library
(use coupon code WARP for a 33 % discount, expires April 20th)

Making Of video:
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