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Default Re: 2019 iMac i9 + PT 2018 + Mojave

Originally Posted by Loudnoize Ent. View Post
You mention 2 memory channels vs 4 in the latest 2019 iMac i9. Is there a noticeable difference in performance? Also, I currently run the latest Mac mini 2018 i7 6 Core (32gb ram). It's pretty much a little beast and I'm able to run large sessions with VI's, plugins, tracks, etc, including Vienna Ensemble Pro (18 channels) but the Mac mini temperature does fluctuate between 85 degrees Celsius and 98... sometimes even hitting 100. I'm running this setup roughly 10 hours a day. Would I be better off with the iMac i9 8 core? The overall specs seem to be good, almost doubling what I can get now, according to what I've read. Thanks.
Well there can be a noticeable difference in performance, for the right definition of noticeable Easy to show in a micro benchmark that looks at memory bandwidth. But for real world Pro Tools use... I would not worrying about that specifically, well not compared to all the other stuff... the iMac is kinda a laptop architecture systems shoved into an all-in-one desktop package. It's larger performance issues for Pro Tools may be thermal management performance limits/throttling... which is what you touch on with your Mac Mini. While I expect the i9 in an iMac to outperform an i7 in a mac mini for lots of workloads, comparing Mini and iMac performance differences under heavy load/CPU throttling is an interesting interesting question and I'd not want to guess how they perform in that situation. You really want both side by side running the same workload to see.

The iMac Pro has a Xeon W CPU and it does have quad memory channels and a lot higher-end thermal design. On memory: it's a PITA as there is no memory access door to allow easy memory DIMM upgrades. That's likely becase there are more DIMMs supported and you would gave to have to gave large access doors, and the heavier end cooling heat pipes and venting for the Xeon get in the way more (and you also need more cooling airflow for all those DIMMs). The Xeon has ECC and that and the extra cores on the higest end Xeon Ws really the only benefit, otherwise these core for core are just equal to desktop Core i9/i7 processors... but more to the real desktop versions of those Core i7/i9 CPUs with higher TDP that the near laptop ones used elsewhere. And at the very high end can a iMac Pro really keep all those cores running and the cool enough, the thermal design in the iMac Pro looks pretty light for a high-end system, so I'm dubious, but don't have one to try. Basically I'm just opposed to the design tradeoffs of jamming all that heat in either an iMac or iMac Pro into a compact all-in-one computer and really really wish Apple would finally deliver a serious Mac Pro computer for you know, actual professional users.

The Mac Mini finally got an upgrade and is a nice little box, but still expensive. It's also a close to laptop design, personally I'd stick with it and wait and see if Apple is able to deliver a decent new Mac Pro and a non-totally-obscene price. Apple keeps screwing up the high end, other folks will step in. Dell announced pretty impressive looking Precision 7000 workstations this week, maybe time to wake up Apple (not that I actually would buy anything from Dell).

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