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Default Re: Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives

I just just finally got a chance to set one of these up, a macally unit that holds one drive and doubles as a NAS and an external usb drive. I bought it for two reasons:
1. I have a firewire enclosure that uses the same case design and it has worked great for me.
2. It is highly portable.


The documentation for it is horrible. I went to their site looking for newer software/manuals and the site still says "coming soon" even though the drive has been on the market for at least a year. I could not access the drive to do the initial config from snow leopard or Win7, the only way I could get it set up was to reboot on an old vista partition. Once working, it does work, yes. But the file transfer speeds are completely laughable, around 5MB/s most of the time.

So to write a lot of large files to it, you might as well just hook it up as a USB drive. I think I might as well pull the 1TB drive from it and stick a smaller one in, the only use for this is a central location for my library of sound effects and textures for 3d models.
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