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Default Re: 7.4 crashes at initializing hardware(dsi)

i have now gone on my 5th day of running with none of my usual problems. in case any have remembered, i've had problems since the first day i installed my HD cards, i have a tyan quad,original spec. ocz psu
i was never able to turn on my machine and open protools without a string of errors,reboots,freezes,blue screens,black screens,digital clock losing connection. once i got through this booting process,protools, would then run fine the rest of the day. in the last month my problems continually got worse and sometimes would take up to 3 hours just to get protools up and the end i was getting stuck at the initializing hardware(dsi)even called digi tech a few times in the past for help but,we couldn't come up with anything

time to take drastic measures....with the help of matt p ,i purchased a new power supply,i was having feelings of power problems.installed it 5 days ago and my machine is running awesome. no errors reboots etc,etc this thing just rocks.

looks pretty certain that a faulty PSU was the cause of my problems

p.s. shan and matt, thanks for all of the help in this past few months
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