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Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
Do you have any documentation that says these boxes actually support a second FireWire card? Google does not seem to find anything.... not a good sign. Can you get the second card to work by itself?

Otherwise what can you do with ADAT? Can these mixers take multiple ADAT cards? If running with expanded I/O > 24 channels (sounds like you are?) you may hit the 32 IO CoreAudio limit of Pro Tools and would need to use Pro Tools Ultimate with a Digilink interface. And so I would be looking at something like some used 192 IO or HD IO digital boxes strung together... or by then maybe just put the Mackie out to pasture...
I have a multitude of I/O cards for the console, not so much for the MAC. I am looking at something like a Lynx AES16e or a RME Raydat for that side. I just want to research this firewire issue before I start throwing money at the MAC. But to answer your question, yea, I can do 48 channels of ADAT I/O, actually more, on the console depending on what I am recording at. The console will do 192k but then you start halving the inputs as you would expect.
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