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Default Bounce not bouncing everything

Hey, everyone, I'm having an issue where bounce to disk of the master fader isn't bouncing everything down properly. I'm A/B ing the mix, and my mix is missing stuff, even though all the tracks are routed to the master. I'm using samples on a drum kit; cymbals, kick and snare, and it's not bouncing all of the elements of my mix. Does anyone know why this would be? I imported the mix and A/B it against the session, and elements aren't making the cut. The weirder thing is that when I throw it out of phase, I hear the elements that are missing. Even vocal some vocal tracks are coming through crystal clear and even a guitar track. The ones coming through all have an instance of eventide h3000 on it. Those are mono to stereo plugins. I feel like this shouldn't matter. Thing is, it sounds like my mix is collapsed more into mono than my session, but not completely.

I'm using Steven slate trigger v2 on instrument tracks and they're being triggered via midi tracks. I've never had a problem bouncing things down like this before.

Macbook Pro

Pro Tools 12.5.2
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