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Default Re: 2019.5 Ultimate on a Mac Pro 5,1

Originally Posted by nedd View Post
It's INSIGHT 2 (5.1) plug-in

I have MP 5.1, 2x3.33 cpu, 64GB RAM, SSD's and recently added RX 580 Pulse, OS 10.13.6.
I have also found out that Izotope Insight is giving me A LOT of -9173. It is version 1.05c. I just reinstalled it today and during installation I got that OS error that this software is not optimised for my system, looks like 32 bit app!
So I can conform that even if you put 580, you might still get those errors. But as I also use old Apple cinema display 20", I read here somewhere that those displays are giving troubles!? I will try tomorrow to swap that monitor with another one and see if that helps. I am using 4 displays and all other three are full HD resolutions.
I would love to hear about some other metering plug in that will work in 7.1 or more without errors.

If this helps anyone. My original Insight 5.1 (ver1 before ver2) works with no hiccups. The issue is you can't resize it to be super short and narrow at the bottom of the screen to watch levels like I can on the newer and supposedly more efficient ver2.

The original one is square and much larger and overs a good portion of the edit window. but no -9173 popping up at all with it running for hours on end. Every now and then I will put the new Ver2 and....sure enough 9173
-Mac Pro 5,1 12core 2.4GHz Westmere 40g
-RX 580 8GB GPU
-OSX 10.12.6 on a 1TB SSD Via PCIE card
-PTHDN 2019.5 Ultimate
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-BM Intensity Pro

-Waves Mercury+SSL4000 Collection+Abbey Roads
-iZotope RX7 Advanced
-iZotope Post Production Suite 3
-iZotope Music Production Suite 2.1
-Delonghi Perfecta ESAM 5600.S
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