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Default Re: 2019.5 Ultimate on a Mac Pro 5,1

It's INSIGHT 2 (5.1) plug-in

I have MP 5.1, 2x3.33 cpu, 64GB RAM, SSD's and recently added RX 580 Pulse, OS 10.13.6.
I have also found out that Izotope Insight is giving me A LOT of -9173. It is version 1.05c. I just reinstalled it today and during installation I got that OS error that this software is not optimised for my system, looks like 32 bit app!
So I can conform that even if you put 580, you might still get those errors. But as I also use old Apple cinema display 20", I read here somewhere that those displays are giving troubles!? I will try tomorrow to swap that monitor with another one and see if that helps. I am using 4 displays and all other three are full HD resolutions.
I would love to hear about some other metering plug in that will work in 7.1 or more without errors.
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