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Default Re: Pro Tools 2019.10 Discussion

A little more elaboration on my 2019.10 comments earlier in the thread.

I've been working with 2019.10 for two days now. I initially did a brand new 5.1 mix to video yesterday, creating the session from scratch in .10 from .wav files and the reference video. Today I tweaked up a rather large stereo music mix from a week or two ago and opened some older sound design sessions to check things out in more detail.

No show stoppers but I’d say it’s one step forward, three back.

The video engine issues seem to be completely cleared up. No Video Engine failing to start or failing to quit. No more trashing AvidVideoEngine folders, etc.

New bug. The “Time Left” dialog on realtime bounces is completely broken. It stalls and stutters throughout the bounce. The bounce proceeds in realtime but the counter is virtually useless.

Pro Tools throws up a spinning beachball for what seems like an eternity at the completion of a realtime bounce. No bomb ever but a bit disconcerting.

I’m also seeing spinning beachballs occasionally when scrolling quickly over long distances. This USED to be an issue but was solved from High Sierra on. It’s back.

Possibly related to the broken bounce counter is plugin meters that in previous PT versions continued to work during a bounce (Waves VU, PSP Triple Meter, Waves Level Meter Plus, etc) now exhibit the same on/off/stall performance of the “Time Left” counter during the bounce. Me thinks someone at Avid de-prioritized screen display during bounces in this version. It was nice to have meters and a counter to see when bouncing. Useless now.
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