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Default CD on desktop no longer shows a volumn in OS 9.2

Noticed yesterday that songs on a CD that has been placed into the Mac CD tray...
no longer have volumn when it shows up on the desktop.

JAM 5.01 converts any songs that are dragged in from this CD... to AIF
JAM 3.0 does will no longer take a song dragged in from a CD.

Even the Mac OS does not show a volumn on any song from any CD.

Maybe I have simply just lost my mind ... Both jams still work fine for buning CD's and taking songs
off the desktop. ...

Now that I think of it .... DVD's show up fine with volumn on each song...and both JAM's can take a file right from the DVD.

I am using Protools in the 0S 9.2 but still can reboot to Mac OS X 10.2.6 for other things.

Thanks for any thing you can add this...

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