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Default Re: Issues connecting PreSonus 16.4.2 to new IMac

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
I'm not surprised you seem to be having problems with Apple/Avid/whomever especially if you answer them the way you answer people here. We try and help but we're getting tired of banging our collective heads against the wall when you can't understand basic terms and answer basic questions when put to you. It's expected to have some basic computer knowledge; you don't need a degree in programming to be able to use PT or any other recording program.

You've been given more than enough info here on how to get things working.
I looked up that Acronym & didn't find anywhere..... If all this Software is so simple & straight forward why would anyone ever even have to be bothered looking into OSX AMS or all the other Tech Support stuff that I see tons of questions about on this Forum????

The Computer was diagnosed as having a defect. As I mentioned previously. It's being replaced.. If so much knowledge is here where is the info on repairing Computers????

In my experience, I ask a question because I can't find the answer. The response is generally condescending... Like in this Thread...
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