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Default Re: Issues connecting PreSonus 16.4.2 to new IMac

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
Did you NOT read what I wrote as I explained it there. I repeat the whole question:
"What you haven't answered is does AMS (AUDIO MIDI SETUP) in OSX see the interface?"

I made it all caps and large font and bold so you couldn't possibly miss it
Yes, it recognized it. It even worked for a minute until it didn't.. None of the Techs could figure it out.

It amazes me that in order to use Pro Tools you pretty much need a Degree in Computer Engineering! It shouldn't be this hard...

Quite honestly given that Logic exists, doesn't require annual Fees, ILok & has one stop Tech Support from the same Company that builds the Computer, why Avid Pro Tools doesn't try harder with their Product, Tech Support & like this Forum desist from talking down to their Customers & Users....

That said, Its no big deal anymore, I've come to expect it here..


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