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Default Upgrade an old second hand HD9

Hello all.

We bought a secondhand HD 9 four years ago. Never bothered with registering it anywhere (neither ilok nor avid).

Now we would like to bring it up to PT HD 10, 11 or 12.
(We really need clip gain)

What do we need to do?

Im thinking shelling out for the transfer of the licenses to our ilok account, and then buying the upgrade from Avid.

But will this work? Will Avid give us an upgrade if they can pull a HD 9 license from our ilok or do we need to register with them a transfer of ownership and maybe even pay them for the "privilige" of buying second hand some of their gear/software?

I considered simply buying an ilok with a 10 HD license, but if we get a "proper" license registered with Avid then future upgrades will be much easier.
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