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Default No Sound from MBOX mini 3g - was fine

Right, common theme - unable to locate hardware message.... fixed that by updating the drivers.

so now can get into Pro Tools 9.0.6, so it does recognise the mbox mini.
All the lights are on, one thing missing... any sound (headphones and output).

It's not a PT problem because get no sound out of media player either..which i could before.

Have tried ever posted suggestion...from sound card settings to reinstalling whole program. i am at a loss to what is going on other than it being a hardware/firmware problem; that doesn't make sense either.

Someone's gotta know whats happening here..... i can imagine it being an 'ooooooooo that's what it is kinda thing' but just cant put my finger on the button!

Please help.. this is rediculous.
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