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Default Re: Avid Artist Mix Driver & Firmware Trouble - Please Help!

Originally Posted by Just Another Guy View Post
I am mostly interested in making my Avid Artist Mix work. That's the number one priority. I am not opposed to updating to Sierra, but I really need to find a solution for the Artist Mix. I have a license for Pro Tools 12, and I have a clone of my old system if I need or want it.
You really should update your profile info because a lot of problems can happen because of incompatibilities between PT version and OSX version. So you're using PT12 then right? You can never give too much info when asking for help here.

But really you need to get rid of El Crapitan. A very important question you haven't answered and needs to be answered - how did you get El Crapitan on your computer? In-situ which is over the top of the existing OSX install or a clean install? Clean installs of everything are the way to go with OSX upgrades. And of course why the move to EC?
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