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Default Re: does Pro tools le 8 work on windows 7

Originally Posted by jackgordonbrown View Post
I've just bought a second hand PC and installed windows 7 on terms of spec it ticks all the boxes on Avid's website

Have been trying for the past day or so to install Protools 8 LE for the first time but having big problems

Ive uninstalled Internet Explorer 8 and uploaded the latest version of Quicktime, two bits of adviced offered on DUC for solving compatibility issues, but still I can't get past the the very first install screen.

If any one can help ill buy them an e-beer
Start by running the uninstaller that is included on the PT8 disk(firewire interface should be turned OFF, or USB interface should be unplugged). Then download the 8.0.5 updater to your desktop(you will need it soon enough). There seems to be a little "trickery" involved to make this work, so read this twice before you jump in.

Run the installer as Administrator. When the installer asks for the interface to be connected, DON'T. Just click OKAY and let it finish and reboot. After the reboot, run the 8.0.5 updater. When the updater asks for the interface, turn on(002/003) or plug in(Mbox2 or 3) and click OKAY. Reboot again and open Pro Tools(have the authorization code handy....the one that starts with "DIGI0800......."). If this fails, run the uninstaller again and start over, BUT try installing in Vista SP1 compatibility(everything else applies).

BTW, since you never mention what interface you have, if its the old "original" Mbox(baby blue with Focusrite preamps) then you can skip all of this as its not going to work at all. The old Mbox doesn't work past 8.0.1, and Windows 7 requires 8.0.4 or later
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