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Default Re: UVI Falcon 'Extras'

Originally Posted by Rooxii View Post
Indeed. Signing protocol issues are common. An Illegal byte sequence flags are another matter, suggesting some diversion from the required UTF-8 encoding. Google it ,-)

I'm very curious that you didn't get the REX package in the UVI Falcon2 installer. I don't want UVI's portal the only way to download their installer so I've fired off an email.

Yes, I'd seen that last night when DuckDuckGo'ing it (is that a verb yet?). I've not had install flags from Propellerhead (Reason) in the past.

I'll hold off until I hear back from UVI.

Thanks guys.
I didn't say I didn't get it but that I don't remember getting it. And you can't download the UVI Falcon installer unless you own the UVI Falcon. UVI Portal is innocuous and I love it. First got it when I got Digital Synsations some time ago. Keep in mind that UVI doesn't know who has the Avid-supplied Falcon - the two are completely separate deals. Put it this way - if you have a UVI account but NOT UVI's Falcon you will NOT see the Avid provided Falcon.

There's no problem with allowing the install to happen - just allow it via Gatekeeper. Many have done it with zero problems.
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