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Default Access Violation error issue solved

Recently, I had a frustrating series of problems when opening, closing, and switching between sessions. Most common was an error that included the text "Access Violation occurred." There were also a few messages related to ReWire, some sudden quits with no message, and so on.

It turns out that the problem was not with Pro Tools, per se, but with Windows. Surprise surprise. Although, it's not exactly a bug, either. I had imported some segments of audio from CD using iTunes, because it's the only program I have that can extract a specified time range within a CD track. For whatever reason, Windows flagged those files Read-only; and, for whatever other reason, it kept the Read-only flag on the copies that were made by PT via import from the system drive. That was the cause of all the trouble.

The solution is simple. At the top level of your audio drive, select all folders that contain PT sessions, right-click, choose Properties, uncheck the Read-only box, click Apply, choose the option "Apply changes to the selected items, subfolders and files," and close the dialog boxes. Well, OK, it's not quite that simple - you also have to remember to do that to all files you import in the future from a CD-DA using any program other than PT.

For whatever other strange reason, Windows still shows a gray flag in the Read-only box if you close and re-open the dialog, even though all files have normal Attributes. But at least PT returns to its usual happy self.
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