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Default Re: Clips list is missing in ProTools First 12.8.0

So then these gray tracks under the "tracks" bin to the left of my edit window, with the cloud icon next to them, are impossible to remove and they will eventually fill up my cloud space as well?

The inability to regulate clip and track storage/removal is more or less essential in order to function with any sense of organization or space management.

Is it even worth starting a project on the PT First DAW or is it just destined to eventually cause me serious frustration down the line? And that's not a rhetorical question either; I'm genuinely curious if this feature (or lack thereof) is reason enough for users to simply avoid altogether what seems to be an imminent roadblock.

For those folks who tolerate it, how do you work around this, or what kind of forethought have you adapted in your process to work within this limitation?
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