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Default Re: HEAT, NEVE 8048 Listening Challenge

Originally Posted by jasonthurley View Post

I have SO MANY times not even touched a fader or EQ when someone was asking me to adjust something for their ears... and all the sudden they say "Right there" Perfect" I never moved a thing...
Is this a New York Thing?

First "New York Compression" and now "New York E.Q." lol

Used to do the disengaged EQ tweak often on dance and Hip Hop things when we knew the bottom end of things were already getting WAY out of hand.

"yeah, but make each track REALLY fat!!"

I scored quite differently depending on what I was trying for.

Headphones gave me a decent differentiation, but little electrostats on a shelf at the foot of the bed made things hard to hear cleanly.

The HEAT stuff seemed to be pushed to try and match the bottom of the analog summing, but The Neve was bigger and gushier.

I had hoped to find three discreet mixes, not edits of each mix ganged per verse.

Spent so much time trying to discern soundstage and timbre nuance between each track I drove myself nuts the first few times around

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