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Default M-Audio ProjectMix i/o footswitch punch/record instead of play/stop?

Hey, everyone. Long time Pro Tools user, first post.

A friend who was moving away gifted me a ProjectMix i/o, which I'm attempting to use as a control surface (UAD Apollo for interface), and specifically would like to get the footswitch working as a means to start recording as I do most of my work alone at home.

However, I can't seem to find ANY info about the footswitch, even in the manual. As it is now, it simply starts and stops play. This is useless since it means I still need to reach around to the platform and arm record if I want the switch to be used for recording. That defeats the purpose as I might as well just keep hitting ctl+spacebar to start recording. ��

So, my question, as stated simply in the title, is there a setting, either in pro tools or on the ProjectMix unit itself, that will cause the footswitch to act as ctl+space/f12 instead of play/stop? Am I overlooking something simple here?

Windows/Pro Tools 10 for reference.

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