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Default Re: No free educational upgrade as promised

Originally Posted by jsepeta View Post
When ProTools 11 came out, Avid announced that educational owners could get a free upgrade. When they failed to send out upgrade notification, I contacted Avid support and was told to download the free demo. It has since expired, leaving me with no activation on my iLok. As I was supposed to get a free upgrade to 11, I'm kind of upset; upgrading projects to version 11 took some time, and now I can't get into my own song files. Any suggestions?
Unless you purchased a student version, it would not qualify for a free upgrade.

From what I can see, your registration does not indicate a student version:
Product: Pro Tools 10.0 Upgrade from PT9 Teachers Verified Purchased: Mar 01, 2012 Registered: Feb 29, 2012

If that is incorrect, and you were indeed a student, then it may be that you were issued an incorrect registration code by the academic reseller. If that is the case, the receipt may still show the correct information, even if the code was incorrect.

I would recommend filing a support case with customer service to sort it out:

Where's My Free Pro Tools 11 Upgrade?

If you are able to provide a receipt, that will help considerably.

You need to tell them to look under registrations for your iLok account, since you have more than one first name and email addresses for your Avid registrations where you list your iLok account. They may have missed that the first time.
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