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Default Can't find authorization code for Pro Tools LE 8

Hey everyone,

I'm near to recording! I have my Macbook Pro, external hard drive, and my 003 Rack with Pro Tools LE 8.

Okay, I installed Pro Tools 8 with the 003 rack factory bundle. Pro Tools then asked me for an Authorization code -

"Please enter the authorization code provided with this version of Pro Tools. In new systems, the code is on the inside cover of the "Getting Started Guide". In software upgrades, the code is on the inside cover of the "Upgrading to Pro Tools Guide."

I have looked everywhere and I can't find the authorization code! I have a 'Getting Started' booklet, which came with my 003 Rack Factory. This does not have the authorization code anywhere! The small piece of yellow paper does not have the code on too. The only codes I can find are:
  • Registration ID
  • Serial number
  • Release code
  • and this other code (not sure what it's for).

Where can I find it!? I bought the 003 Rack Factory with Pro Tools LE 8 included from an official dealer so there's nothing wrong there.

Thanks guys,
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