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Default Re: Sonarworks Reference with HD OMNI and HD Native card

Originally Posted by abt View Post
It's the last part "make sure the AVID sound card is available outside Pro Tools" that I can't do. Long ago on a different computer it worked because I used the Native card with a different DAW on a project.
You really are barking up the wrong shrub. Your questions is nothing to do with AAX as you note, and also nothing to do with Sonarworks. It's just with the HD Native Driver on Windows 10, you can't get ASIO audio to work with third part apps. Nothing about Sonarworks.

Few if any folks here likely care about Sonarworks, and folks who may or many not know about the HD Driver on Windows are unlikely to even read this thread. I would repost a to the point new thread, with better title, in a more Windows relevant forum. And list the exact version of everything you are using there.

I'm not sure the current state of play with the HD driver on Windows 10, others there will know.
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