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Default Re: Free AAX64 Plug-Ins for PT11 & PT12

Originally Posted by amagras View Post
Seriously, why we can't have this in Windows? It's been a long while since we talked about and I signed up for the beta program, it sounded like it wouldn't take long.
Originally Posted by goodhertz View Post
Sorry if we ever implied it wouldn't take long. Transitioning to Windows and keeping the user experience we've established is a TON of work that will necessarily take a long time. While we could release 2nd-rate versions of the plugins for Windows sooner, that wouldn't be fair to our customers or to Windows users.
I acknowledge being a little late to this party but in the interest of my Windows friends I looked at this page:
and it looks like a Windows version will never happen. Says to fill out a survey form but we all know surveys mean squat in getting s/w developers to do something.
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