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Default Re: Old TDM Mix Cards on Newer Processors

Yup one thing for best stability with PT PC's is to go with intel chipsets,
The benefit of core 2 systems even when something like PT6x only uses a single core is the increased front side/memory bus bandwidths,

If you think of an old P4 3.0Ghz system for example, the CPU FSB would be 800Mhz with a memory Bus speed of 400Mhz at best (not overclocked).
Now with a core 2 you are looking at a 1066 or 1333 FSB and a memory speed between 667Mhz and 1066Mhz and overclocked could be all the way into the 14 or 1500's.
Even if you are not into overclocking the bandwith benefits are big and therefore your system will perform faster.
Also the other cores not used by PT are left available for things like windows tasks that would usually be eating into your audio processing quota.

But A Multicore processor is only advantageous to software specifically written to take advantage of multiprocessing (Not PT6x).
But i have a quad already anyway so no loss there :)
And i wouldnt even think about vista for legacy hardware/software
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