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Default Re: Old TDM Mix Cards on Newer Processors

There has been at least one successful Core 2 Mix system build that I have read about and another 001 build using these newer processors, I would stick with a Intel Chipset though. I believe they were using a P965 chipset.

The Mix system builder was pleased as he picked up a lot of CPU power. Keep in mind that Pro Tools 6x is not a multi threaded app but if your running rewire apps you can juggle the processor affinity and balance things out some. since your stuck with 6X this is one area were a Q series Intel quad is not going to help much over a dual core. Even only using 1 core PT was roughly twice as fast as i recall.

The MIX post is obviously here somewhere but I'm not sure what to put in the search field to dig it up.

The 001 builder was named Keeron.

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Core 2 Specs Page

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