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Default (SOLVED) BUG:Can\'t access all busses (not visible on screen)

I was updating and expanding a custom IO setup today and found a bug and am curious if it exists in some similar fashion on other peoples systems. After some testing I realized this wasn't a problem with my particular IO setup. Trashing pref's doesn't help either

To reproduce:

1. Open a new sessiom

2. Open IO setup, click the "Bus" tab, select all (Ctrl+A) and click "Delete Path"

3. Press "Default" (128 stereo busses with mono sub-paths should be created), click "OK"

4. Create one mono audio track and open the output assignment window.

Are all 128 busses visible?

On my system, I can see two rows of available bus pairs and sub-paths:

Row 1 contains busses 1-48 (though sub-path 47 is cut off and 48 is not visible at all...)

Row 2 starts at the top with sub-paths 77 and 78 (can't assign a stereo output to "Bus 77-78") and ends with Bus 23-24 (with sub-path 24 being cut-off).

All the rest of the busses are visibly missing and un-assignable.

I did a test and manually created 64 stereo bus pairs (without sub-paths) and assigned them, cascading through all 128 voices. All 64 stereo bus pairs fit in one row on my screen when opening the track/send assignment windows. I then started manually adding mono sub-paths to these busses in the IO Setup until the assigment lists exceeded the size of the screen. After adding mono sub-paths to the first 4 stereo busses an arrow appeared at the bottom of the list allowing me to scroll and select the assignments that wouldn't fit on the screen! I continued assigning two mono sub-paths to each stereo pair and found that as soon as I assigned the second sub-path to the 26th stereo bus pair (slot 52), my assignemts list grew to two rows and the scroll arrows are gone again.

I understand this may be affected somewhat by screen real estate. I'm running @ 1920 X 1200 resolution. I hope this is found to be helpful and that a fix can be made soon!

Windows 10 Pro x64
Avid HDX running PTHD 2018.x (latest)
ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
Intel i7 Core 920
Matrox M9140
Avid Artist Mix
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