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Default Re: Mac System Sound through HD Native Thunderbolt Interface Headphone Jack

The Omni has its own FPGA mixer for its ins going to outs that operate outside of Pro Tools. I'm assuming Captain Audio was using that mixer to route sounds when sending a digital signal from his Mac Pro to the Omni.

Unless the sound is routing through Pro Tools, it isn't using the hardware's return path to the native thunderbolt box (which mirrors Pro Tools channels 1 and 2.) So you won't hear it on the thunderbolt box's headphone out.
Only on the Omni headphone out (which is the FPGA mixer.)

There is no fixing this.

To get it on the thunderbolt headphone out, after routing via a digital cable from the Mac Pro into the Omni, you would need to have an open Pro Tools session that then sends this input to the output of 1-2. That would then show up on the Thunderbolt headphone output. If you close Pro Tools, the signal will stop.

With the Omni, there are two different mixers: The standalone mixer that is built into the hardware (and can operate with Pro Tools closed) and the Pro Tools mixer that is at work when Pro Tools is open. Only the second can be heard on the thunderbolt headphone output.
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